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One of my favourite things about being an artist is the joy that I can bring to my clients.

I just thrive on positive feedback and It drives me to extend my gift to others as widely as I can

Lets see what they have had to say:


Commissioning client for 'Shae'

Finding a pencil artist in Adelaide, I discovered isn’t as easy as one would think. (even with google) however with a little determination, I obtained a list of possibilities and went to work researching those with web sites.

Having never ventured into this field before, I was relying mostly on gut feeling.


One particular site that appealed to me was that of Simon Aberlé.


I contacted Simon and instantly found a likeable connection. I commissioned Simon to create a pencil sketch portrait of my German Shepard ‘Shae’.


I found Simon was very easy to work with and also willing to go out of his way to make things happen. We met and I also had the pleasure of meeting his lovely partner Lisa and her two children. Simon went to work with his camera and Shae. He asked me about anything particular that I wanted and I replied “I’m happy to leave the arty stuff up to you but all I request is, please do a good job” …


What Simon presented several weeks later wasn’t just good, it could best be described as nothing less than outstanding. The clarity, the colour, the depth and attention to detail are all impeccable. He captured her soul.


Simon is without doubt a truly gifted artist and his love and passion shows clearly in his work on Shae. Finding Simon was pure serendipity.


Thank you Geoff, Bobbie and family 2



PS. The website picture of Shae does not quite come close to depicting the exceptional quality of the original artwork on our wall.


PSS. Sadly, Shae crossed the rainbow bridge about the same time as Simon was adding the finishing touches.


About Shae

Shae wasn’t just a family member, she was the reflection on our values as a family. Not only did she have a beautiful temperament with any other adults, children and dogs (cats however were the exception) who crossed her path, her insatiable appetite to play “tug of war” and chasey with anyone who was willing was a joy to the end. The number of footballs that needed to be replaced was stupendous. Whilst indoors, she took great pride stealing toilet rolls and was a compulsive sock thief…when they were on your feet! 12½ years of joy, a lifetime of memories

Winna (25).jpg


Commissioning client for 'Winna'

Recently we engaged the services of Simon Aberle - a Visual Artist to prepare a family portrait representing my parents in-law and grandmother in-law (who have passed away) and the kids.

My little one never got the chance to meet his grandparents and his great grandmother.

I never got the chance to meet my parents in-law as well.

Since unfortunately we never got the opportunity to get a family portrait we provided Simon with photographs and requested whether he could make a family portrait from the photos.

The results were simply amazing.

The portrait he created is not only very life like but appears as if we all posed together to have the portrait done.

His attention to detail was impeccable.

It is unbelievable and very heart warming the results of Simon’s work.

We also want to thank Simon for the video he produced it bought our family to tears.

We thank him on behalf of our family, and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

He has a great gift.

Sandie Completed 11th Oct 2019.jpg


Commissioning client for 'Kinship'

My husband wanted a special picture of a horse and foal for his 50th birthday.

We found Simon on the internet and made contact.

Simon created a stunning picture in the style my husband wanted, framed it and had it delivered, all a week before the birthday deadline.

We are very impressed, and feel so glad that Simon was the lovely person who created the work.

Thank you very much, Simon!

Two men 14-11-2018 copy.jpg


Commissioning client for 'Father & Son'

My husband and I tragically lost a friend and whilst funeral arrangements were underway a relative had requested whether it was possible to have a picture of our friend with his father at the funeral - a picture they never had. I immediately thought a drawn portrait would look best and I started on my quest for a portrait artist and this is where I stumbled across Simon. His artworks were so lifelike, this would be ideal. On initial contact with Simon he was lovely to deal with and sympathetic to our needs. Even though we gave Simon such a short time frame to work with, he was able to complete the piece - his attention to detail was impeccable and presentation second to none! We will forever recommend Simon, his talent is like none we have ever seen before! He always kept us informed of his progress and has a very professional approach.



Commissioning client for 'Jordana'

The time was approaching closer to my boyfriends 21st birthday..what was I going to get for him?

A nice watch, maybe a new wallet or a pair of his favourite shoes.

None of those ideas satisfied me, I really wanted something sentimental that he could keep forever.

I googled artists in Adelaide and ’Simon Aberle’ popped up.

His artwork looked amazing and so I emailed him immediately.

I was on a tight schedule, I needed this a few days.

Simon responded to my emails promptly and assured that he would get the art piece complete.

I was worried that the drawing may not turn out as I expected, but when I met with Simon and he gave me the art piece, I could not wipe the smile off my face.

It was just perfect!



Commissioning client for 'Precious Emma'

I knew this would happen. It has just arrived. 

OMG Simon. Thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart,

You used my favourite pic and captured Emma's essence.

This is the most precious thing I have ever seen.

I am truly amazed at your talent.

I have been crying since I opened it and can't wait for the kids to get home and see it.

(my grandson) said Oh grandma its so realistic.

Its absolutely beautiful.

Thankyou so very much.

I will be in touch again soon as I would love one of my grandkids.

Much love and respect.

Wendy Xox



Commissioning client for 'Alannah'

I received my first drawing of our daughter as a gift it is amazing.

I told my husband if we have anymore children ill need a drawing of them too.

5 years later I got another gift a second beautiful drawing of our son, it's just as perfect as the first one.

I highly recommend Simon hes one talented man.

The Kuykhovens - Completed 31st Jan, 201


Commissioning client for 'The Kuykhovens'

Can not recommended this guy enough, his talent is absolutely amazing beyond words!

I'll be back for more for sure.

Thanks Simon for such a special piece of art

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