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Whether you’re commissioning me to produce a small pencil drawing or a massive oil painting, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a professional level high-quality artwork designed for longevity that can be treasured as a family keepsake for generations to come.


I only use the best materials and tools that I can get my hands on, and I never buy cheap art supplies.

In this industry you truly get what you pay for, and this is a lesson I have had to learn the hard way!


What’s included in the price:

  • Fully professional hand painted artwork by a experienced and highly skilled reputable artist

  • Unlimited pre-artwork composition refinements for peace of mind

  • Professional artist quality materials

  • Free professional framing

  • Safe & Secure packaging and preparation for road freight

the process

1. The Reference Photo

After making initial contact, I will ask you to email me your favourite photo of the subject to be depicted, and a few extra photos of the subject that I can also use for reference. For the best possible results, I would prefer high resolution photos that enable me to see a good amount of detail. Please click here for help on choosing the right photo.

If you do not have suitable photos, I may be able to arrange a photoshoot for you, to get exactly what we need as an artwork reference.


2. The Quote

I will supply you with a quote for several size and price options to choose from that best suit your requirements. We can negotiate until you are completely happy.


3. The Composition

After listening to your vision, I will give some suggestions on what composition will produce the best results. Sometimes lighting, subject placement, and background choices make all the difference between a good artwork and a spectacular masterpiece. I will then provide a photoshop mock-up of the intended outcome. We can then workshop ideas until you are happy and excited.


4. The Agreement

I will then supply you with a formal agreement outlining what we have discussed, including payment plan structure, and legal points regarding ownership, copyright etc that we both sign


5. The Invoice

I will supply you with an invoice including my ABN (Australian Business Number) and bank details. A deposit of 50% is to be paid upfront before I begin work to secure the commission and the working time needed to complete the job. If the full deposit is difficult to come up with, I am happy to negotiate in special cases. The remaining amount is to be paid at completion of the artwork. I also offer payment plans if required, but the artwork will not be released until the full amount has been paid.


6. The work

I will set your drawing / painting as highest priority and endeavour to complete the work in the time frame discussed in our Agreement. The time to produce artworks is generally 3-6 weeks depending on size and drying time (sometimes I can complete in 1-2 weeks if it is a small uncomplicated piece), but I will let you know what my schedule is like at the time of initial contact. At certain times of the year I am really busy and may have a waiting listThrough the process I will keep you up to date with my progress, however I may decide not to provide you with progress photos, so as not to give you a distorted expectation as the artwork may not depict a strong likeness of the subject until the end stages. I am a perfectionist and I will be working hard to make tiny alterations until I find the subject’s character and features.


7. The Completion

Once I am happy enough to sign my artwork, I will take a final photo and email you as evidence of the completion, I will then ask you to pay the outstanding amount and provide me with notification of payment. After this has been received I will send the goods to you using the most appropriate courier for the artwork, depending on the size and distance. I will also provide you with a tracking number. The goods will require a signature on delivery, I will never allow the courier to just leave the goods.


8. Receiving the Goods

This is the part where you most likely cry and give me lots of praise (hopefully!)

At this point I would ask that you write a testimonial that I can post on my website to help me promote my services to potential customers. Linked feedback on Facebook is also most appreciated.


9. Social Media

I will ask you if you have any misgivings about me promoting your finished artwork on Facebook, Instagram and my website before doing so.

Legally I have the right to display my own work in digital format or prints, but I will respect your decision to not want your loved one’s image publicly displayed. There have been a few situations where this has occurred, such as spiritual beliefs regarding deceased persons, or artworks of children for example, and I am more than happy to respect sensitive circumstances.

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