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rt is a form of visual language from a person's higher self, their soul, and their unconscious minds.

Every human is a creative being intrinsically, but we communicate it in different ways, not just artistically.

When I create a portrait, I tune into the subject’s essence and personality, and connect with their nature from observed tiny facial expressions, nuances, and body language based on the reference photos I am supplied with. Only in this way can I create art that really depicts a person’s interior as well as their exterior, thus portraying their essence as well as their physical appearance.

The most frequent comment I receive about my portraits is that they look more lifelike than the photo.


My greatest reward for what I do is to see people’s reactions to my work and to share an intimate emotional experience with another being.

I have so much gratitude for my talent because it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

in 2011 I began studying for a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at Adelaide Central School of Art.
in 2021 I extended my skills and completed a Diploma of Graphic Design at Adelaide College of the Arts.

I have exhibited in SALA as well as various other public exhibitions, and I have a strong online presence in many galleries and e-commerce sites, selling original paintings and drawings, as well as prints.


I am available for portrait commissions and I have hundreds of delighted customers around the world, many of whom continue to return. 

I am also a fully qualified freelance graphic designer and am available for graphic design work.



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